Blueberry Worship


For many years it has been a family tradition for us to go to a pick-your-own farm In June to pick blueberries.  Our absolute favorite place to pick has been Laura’s Blueberry Farm near Lake Sam Rayburn in East TX.  My dear friend Kelly Ward brought us there each year and shared this ideal photograph.  The blueberry bushes are nestled in the cool shade of these tall pine trees.  A few years ago I wrote a poem called   “Blueberry Worship” to offer a glimpse of the sacredness found here in an ordinary task such as picking blueberries.


early summer ritual

picking blueberries

with my little bear


in hushed reverence

the forest

sunlight and shadows

dapple dance


rambling along

lavish needle carpets

we walk down aisles of

blueberry bushes

limbs arched downward, heavy

with clusters of tart-sweet offerings


pine trees steeple above

the stillness rippled

by berries dropped




into buckets


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