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What is a spiritual director?

“Spiritual directors support the unique spiritual journey of every individual. They are welcoming and present with those they companion, listening and responding without being judgmental. They are contemplative and honor silence as a spiritual practice. They are intuitive spiritual friends — accountable and compassionate, hospitable and open, loving yet independent.” (Spiritual Director’s International)

A spiritual director may identify by many different names:

Director, Companion, Guide, Teacher, Friend, Anam Cara


Why spiritual direction?

A spiritual director is an objective listener who can hear themes, notice patterns, ask good questions, and help you see where you are called to be at this time of your life.

Working with a spiritual director allows you to make your spiritual and personal growth a priority in your life. 

You will have the opportunity to develop contemplative practices. 

You will deepen your relationship with the Divine.



What do you talk about in spiritual direction?

During sessions you can talk about whatever is going on in your life – God will meet us there.

You can talk about your relationships with others.  What choices are you facing? 

What questions, doubts, or confusion are you experiencing in your spiritual life? 

Who is God to you?  How do you talk with God?   

In what ways do you sense God calling you to grow? Are you seeking new prayer practices?


How do I set up a session?

Spiritual Direction sessions last one hour and most people choose to meet every 4 to 6 weeks.  We will meet via Zoom / Google Meet / FaceTime / phone call. 

One-hour sessions are $75.00. It is important to me to make spiritual direction accessible to everyone, so if that cost range is prohibitive, we can discuss a fee that is appropriate for you. 

Email me to schedule a complimentary 30 min. session.