Dancing on the Good Foot

Let It Happen is a talented trio of sisters named Norah, Yarah, and Rosa Mukanga.  The Dutch dancers have been sharing self-choreographed videos on the Internet since 2018.  A wide variety of costumes and matching Nikes enhance their videos. The Mukanga’s have created many excellent videos, but this one remains my favorite. 

Dancing to James Brown’s hit song “Get on the Good Foot” the sisters honored the late Godfather of Soul’s birthday. The video went viral and launched Let It Happens’ global fame.  The sister’s perfectly synchronized steps grab your attention right away, on the upbeat leading into the second measure Their contagious exuberance is guaranteed to lift your spirits! 

This Is the Honey

There is no room on this planet for anything less than a miracle

We gather here today to revel in the rebellion of a silent tongue

Every day, we lean forward into the light of our brightest designs

       & cherish the sun

Praise our hands & throats

       each incantation, a jubilee of a people dreaming wildly

Despite the dirt

beneath our feet

or the wind

pushing against

our greatest efforts


Soil creates things

Art births change

This is the honey

       & doesn’t it taste like a promise?

Where your heart is an accordion

       & our laughter is a soundtrack


Friend, dance to this good song—

look how it holds our names!


Each bone of our flesh-homes sings welcome


O look at the Gods dancing

       as the rain reigns against a steely skyline


Where grandparents sit on the porch & nod at the spectacle

in awe of the perfection of their grandchildren’s faces

Each small discovery unearthed in its own outpour

Tomorrow our daughters will travel the world with each poem

       & our sons will design cities against the backdrops of living museums

       Yes! Our children will spin chalk until each equation bursts a familial tree


Rooted in miraculous possibilities

& alive


-Mahogany L. Browne

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