“Dream Journeys”



Jungian dreamwork is part of my spiritual direction training and dream images are the seeds for many of my poems. This poem created entirely with dream images, was my first poem picked up for publication. 


Dream Journeys

A wild and crazy road trip

          across the causeway

                    over leaping turquoise waves… 


The hotel has a bar.

I stop for drinks with the shadow,

who sings songs in a language I need.


I pass through the rooms of days long past –


a busy restaurant kitchen,

a darkened bedroom,

a noisy classroom,


trip over a dusty childhood coffee table,

sneak through someone’s wedding,

joyfully spill chicken & dumplings on the floor

at a family reunion─

struggle through piano lessons

with a stern Hugh Laurie.


I chase my Father 




                    the serpentine feminine path


and find myself

on the opposite side

of where I began.


-Tara L. Carnes

“Dream Journeys” Presence:  An International Journal of Spiritual Direction  Vol. 21 No. 4, Dec. 2015  Print.


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