“Earth Your Dancing Place”


“Whoever knows the power of the dance, dwells in God.” – Rumi

In this amazing video, Irish band Jiggy celebrates the global togetherness of dance.   By combing their fiddle tune “Silent Place” with dance videos from around the world, they create a tremendous celebration of sound and movement.  On their 2020 album “Hypernova” Jiggy continues to create a truly global sound with its blend of traditional Irish music combined with folk rhythms and modern grooves from all over the world.

“Silent Place” may inspire you to dance along, or just tap your toes.  Richard Rohr speaks about dance being the flow of God.  “God is not the dancer but the dance itself!  God is much more a dynamic verb than a static noun.  God is constant flow.  You don’t even need to understand it intellectually or theologically to participate in the flow of God.  You are already there.  Within your heart, body, and mind is an implanted flow toward life, goodness, love, communion, and connection.

In her evocative poem “Earth Your Dwelling Place” May Swenson captures the image of the earth as a carpeted, sunlit, breezy dance floor in which all of us join in a spontaneous, joyous, cosmic dance with the Divine.

Beneath heaven’s vault

remember always walking

through halls of cloud

down aisles of sunlight

or through high hedges

of the green rain

walk in the world

highheeled with swirl of cape

hand at the swordhilt

of your pride

Keep a tall throat

Remain aghast at life


Enter each day

as upon a stage

lighted and waiting

for your step

Crave upward as flame

have keenness in the nostril

Give your eyes

to agony or rapture


Train your hands

as birds to be

brooding or nimble

Move your body

as the horses

sweeping on slender hooves

over crag and prairie

with fleeing manes

and aloofness of their limbs


Take earth for your own large room

and the floor of the earth

carpeted with sunlight

and hung round with silver wind

for your dancing place


-May Swenson


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