“Sit Down, World, and Relax”

This week’s blog features a poem written by a four-year-old named Brayden.  In the honest and open manner of little people, Brayden tells the scary things in life to settle down.  He tells us to sit down … relax … go to sleep.

The poem is part of the Preschool Poets’ film series created by librarian Nancy Kangas and documentary filmmaker Josh Kun.  Professional animators from around the world were invited to animate eight of the children’s poems. 

Brayden’s poem “Bullets” is performed by Miracle and animated by Ukrainian filmmaker and artist Stas Santimov.

Seeing all the violence and destruction from Ukraine in my newsfeed every day makes me wonder how will this war end?  Will the refugee families be able to find new homes?  How long will the shelling injure and kill the residents left behind?  Brayden’s prayerful poem has the perfect answer … “Relax, bullets from guns.  Stop shooting people.”


by Brayden

Sit down, world

and relax

so you don’t have tornadoes.

Trees, color your leaves.

Relax, people. Go to sleep.

Relax, wolves. Lay down by the trees.

Relax, bullets from guns.

Stop shooting people.

Fire, eat wood.


For more Preschool Poet videos click here.

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