“A Heavenly Children’s Choir Christmas Playlist”

As I search and apply for jobs in a new career,  I have been listening to various choir holiday albums on Spotify and reminiscing. This is the first December in decades where I’m not preparing to play or sing for a Christmas liturgy or direct a Christmas program.  Although this time of year is usually one of the busiest for musicians, I never got tired of all that glorious Christmas music!  You better watch out because heaven and nature are singing that the Virgin Mary had a baby boy away in a manger.  Hark, how the bells are ringing and jingling somewhere in my memory.  Pa rum pa pa pum and and a fa la la, the weather outside is frightful so giddyup, giddyup, giddyup let’s go!

I was especially blessed to work with children’s choirs and loved seeing their shining faces, feeling their tremendous energy and hearing their angelic voices.  Christmas programs have their challenges:  students fainting, throwing up, falling off risers, costumes coming off, missed cues, forgotten lines, falling scenery, and let’s not forget hours of planning and rehearsals, instruments breaking, and technical difficulties.

Even considering all of that, there was something magical about the anticipation and excitement of preparing for Christmas programs.  When the big day finally arrived, the performances always flew by so quickly and the audiences of parents, grandparents and special friends never minded if the Christmas “Star” forgot to hand Mary the Baby Jesus doll for the manger scene, or if the Wisemen tripped over their long robes going up the stairs, or if the fire alarm went off in the middle of our performance…we just regrouped and started over.  The choir enjoyed giving, and the audience enjoyed receiving their gift of music!

I started a new Christmas playlist on Spotify called TLC’s Christmas 2020 Playlist of some outstanding children’s choirs to share.  Click here for the link.  (No Spotify account yet? Set one up for 3 months free).  If I left out your favorite song or children’s choir, please add them in the Facebook or LinkedIn comment boxes.  Happy listening!


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