“But They Don’t Fall Down”

But They Don’t Fall Down                                                            

my ex sent me

a drunken email

at 2:08 a.m. and copied our judge


he called me a “Weeble”

(among other things)

for my refusal to stay down

after repeated

legal punches


I printed a

picture of Weebles® and

glued it to

my heroes-poster-collage



Ghandi walks

Rosa Parks sits

Malala speaks

Mother Teresa touches

Corrie Ten Boom hides

MLK marches

Sacajawea leads

Joan of Arc charges

Hildegaard sings

Nelson Mandela forgives

Crazy Horse fights

Julian of Norwich guides

Philippine Duchesne teaches

Joan Chittister preaches

Arab Spring protesters shout

Burmese Monks challenge

D.C. Mayor Bowser paints




and a lone

Chinese student

stares down a tank

in Tiananmen Square

-Tara L. Carnes


“But They Don’t Fall Down” Presence:  An International Journal of Spiritual Direction Vol. 27 No. 4, Dec. 2021 Print.


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