Now It’s Your Time, You Can Shine


The composer Jon Batiste’s creativity has been so prolific despite the pandemic and has been a source of inspiration for all of us!  Winning a Grammy for the score of the film SOUL is one of many amazing things he accomplished this spring.   Last month with The Late Show With Stephen Colbert’s return to the Ed Sullivan Theater, bandleader Jon sang the song “Freedom” from his new album “We Are” as the first live musical performance for a full audience.  The song’s lyrics radiate positivity and acceptance.   When we accept others and let them have their time to shine, we also shine! 

 “Freedom” is a celebration and honoring of the Crescent City’s traditions.  It was filmed on the streets of Faubourg Marigny in the 7th Ward.  A magnetic, swank Jon Batiste dances, sings, and plays a keyboard on the trunk of a moving Cadillac El Dorado as he leads this moving block party.  Children playing bucket drums and jump-roping, singers, dancers, a church choir, the St. Aug Marching 100, and Mardi Gras Indians join this joyful second line as it moves past the colorfully painted homes.  Every time I hear the song it makes me smile and I can’t help moving along with the beat.  It is so infectious you can’t just listen once. 


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