“The Concert of Cerridwen’s Joy”


The Concert of Cerridwen’s Joy


I enter the concert hall

          with my saxophone

case and

          find myself



legit musicians


Cerridwen beams, hands me

          a score

and cues the beginning

          keeping time

yet leaving room

          for interpretation.


          encircled by

leaping and frolicking phrases

          I feel the vibrations

reach my secret self

            and join in

tasting every note



the notes are provided

          or not…

I improv through

          these empty spaces

in my score


          as the song unfolds

I am surprised

          to hear

a doumbek

an mbira

a bodhrán

a shakuhachi


          all the instruments

of the world

          woven together

with my


in this concert

of Cerridwen’s joy


-Tara L. Carnes



*Ceridwen is regarded as the Celtic goddess of rebirth, transformation, and inspiration.

Poem first published in SageWoman Magazine, Issue 93, June 2018.


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